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Have you ever trade Forex Like this:


Frustrated trader pounds the table in disgust with bad trading decision

And calls out in anger: “Where did I go wrong?”

He takes out his trading plan and goes through it…

My Trading Plan Checklist

Trade Entry........ CHECK!

Money Management... CHECK!

Risk Management.... CHECK!

Trade Exit........  Errr? not there!


Many of us have the confidence to enter the market and thinking it will be go the way as we predicted. But what if things DO NOT go the way you want it to be?

What do we do now?

Before we delve further,

Answer these few questions honestly:


-Have you always have the knack of entering the market with the right timing but ended up with a poor exit?

-Do wish that you could eliminate the emotion and start thinking logically when making decision during trading?

-Do wish that you have a more efficient and reliable way to monitor your trades without the need to stare in front of the computer screen?


If you have answer YES to any of the above questions, then you will need to see this!

I have painstakingly spent 1 year to develop this trade management software which not only will transform your thinking of how a good exit strategy should be but also to stop pip bleeding instantly.


Exit strategies to Help Traders Stop Pip Bleeding Instantly

You Will Discover:
  • How 5 simple yet effective ways to monitor your trade
  • How to monitor your trade without having to stay in front of your screen period!
  • How to sustain potential winner and minimize loser trades
  • Remove all emotions attached and act logically instantly
  • 3 minutes is all you need to customize your trade exits according to your trading plan


If you are an unhappy, frustrated trader who wants to make a change to your trading situation right now and you are currently a twitter user, I want you to be part of this exciting journey to start making back those pips you have lost and start being a winner!


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Good Luck to all and Happy Trading!



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