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From: Warren Seah

Dear friend,

Thank you for the time taken to make the decision to consider being part of the family in promoting Forex Trailer as an affiliate.

By taking action in being an affiliate of Forex Trailer, i believe you advocate the importance of money management in trading. And the best way to show that importance is to practice on your existing trading account.


Why choose to market Forex Trailer:

- 50% of the $97 or $44.36** will be commissioned to you for each sale                                                    (**Clickbank to draw a small % as transaction fee)

- Forex Trailer is the pioneer in introducing Expert Advisor based on only Exit Strategies for trading

- Forex Trailer is supported by a team of traders who believe in on-going Forex education and having proper trading foundation and that means quality EA

- With a current arsenal of 11 unique strategies and more under development, so there will be ongoing updates

- Forex Trailer not only allows users to automate their trade exits the way they want it but also delivers the education behind the whole EA operation


Ok Warren!

I want to get started so how do i get going?


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In order to assist you (my valued partner) in promoting Forex Trailer, i had brought compilation of materials for you to make use of to market it.


Step 1: Creating your affiliate link

Get your free clickbank account and username here.


Step 2: Align your affiliate link to get your sales

Replace AFFILIATE with the account username you have just registered with clickbank and keep the rest intact.

Eg: If your username is profits, then it should be


Step 3: Masking your Affiliate link                                                                    (optional: Only for those who have their own website)

1. Click here to download text file

2. Replace all the word "AFFILIATE" with your clickbank username in the text file

3. Save it as HTML file

4. Upload this HTML file to your own website

5. To confirm, check by typing your url to ensure it redirects to your affiliate salespage


1. Banners

Banners are like posters that highlights the qualities of Forex Trailer and catches the attention of target audience to tempt them to your site.


Size: 120x120


Banner 120x120


Size: 120x240


Size: 200x200


Size: 728x90





2. Graphics

Forex Trailer Software Box






3. PPC

Using these keywords provided, you can start a PPC campaign to start driving targeted audience to your salespage or review page if you have one.

Keyword Lists


Google Adwords Template

Adwords Template 1

Keywords for Template 1


Adwords Template 2

Keywords for Template 2


Adwords Template 3

Keywords for Template 3


Adwords Template 4

Keywords for Template 4




4. Email Templates

Email are great way to communicate with your potential customers and it helps you to connect with them personally. These templates provided are ready-made to be sent out or it could serve as guide to aid you in producing better emails.

For sections with >>>>>>>XXXXXX<<<<<<< in the email, simply link them to your affiliate salespage to allow them to click on it.


Email #1: To be sent out immediately


Email #2: To sent out 2 Days later after Email #1


Email #3: To be sent out 3 Days after Email #2




5. Videos

Videos are a great way to share and intrigue your potential customers on Forex Trailer features. You can choose to embed them in your own marketing website if you have one.

(Copy and paste the embedment code into your html)


Youtube Video 1: Forex Trailer Teaser 1




Youtube Video 2: Forex Trailer Teaser 2






These are just some of the marketing materials we have provided for you to allow you to get started on. More will be added and you will be informed by email on the updates.

If you have not sign up to our update services, please go back to top of this page and register at the opt-in box. We look forward and welcome you as our valued partner in making this product a success and in turn allow you earn a healthy income!

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us via:  . We will get back to you right away.   

Best Regards,

Warren Seah Signature

Warren Seah And Forex Trailer Team


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