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11 Exit Strategies Are What Every Disciplined Traders Need … Go Without It You Could End Up Being A PIP VICTIM Just Like Thousands Of Traders Out There



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From: Warren Seah

Dear Semi-Auto Trader,


Ask Yourself:

Do you want to be Amongst the 4% Forex Traders Who Grow Their Trading Account the RISK-FREE way?

Are you sick of Forex Gurus that are trying to convince you by how much they made in Forex but misses risk management completely?

Are you frustrated with guru’s who make you believe that the only way to Higher Profits is Higher Risks?

Do you wish that you had a simple automated system that didn’t require an engineering degree to understand?

Are you willing to keep an open mind and learn a simple risk management strategy for reducing risks while maximising returns?!


How Many Times Have You Second-Guessed Yourself, Only to Kick Yourself for not Taking Profit Which Turned Out to Be a Winner. Or Held on Too Long to a Loser, Turning a Small Loss Into a Total Wipe Out!


Forex Trailer Software Box

Introducing Emotion-FREE trading, trades are exited while you are away from computer, and you will no longer feel any urge to take profits early or let your losses run.

Robots preloaded with advanced exit strategies manages trades for you. Utilizing the convenience of automation and advanced trading techniques,


Forex Trailer Software is Simple for the Beginner and Complete Control to the Advanced Trader.

Forex Trailer consists of 2 sure-way to lock those pips in when in profit and 9 unique ways for a trader to trail his/her profits closely.

What do we mean by trail? Trailing means that your stop loss is to follow your price movements as close as possible when it rides up a trend.

This is to prevent any sudden market movements from taking out your profits should the trend starts to reverse.


Pip Protection Mechanism (Worth : $154)

Pip Protection Mechanism #1 Partial Close (Worth : $77)

This strategy allows forex traders to scale out their positions at pre-set take profit levels. It comes with a built-in Pip Protection System in which your stoploss is shifted to entry price so that your remaining positions will exit with a profit.

It is flexible because it extract some profits out and allow the remaining positions to ride the trends. The worst case that will happen is that trend exhaustion in which the market reverse and hit your stop loss level at break- even price resulting in a no loss no win scenario.

Pip Protection Mechanism #2 Breakeven Stop (Worth : $77)

This is the process where the initial stop loss is shifted to entry price after price has reached a pre-defined level (specified in pips). This will result in the worst case scenario of zero loss if the trade is stopped out by price hitting stop loss.


Profit Maximization System (Worth : $693)


These strategies provide traders a more disciplined approach to exit their positions out of markets. Pre-set take profit levels are prescribed by indicators below and if price ever fall back on this level, system will exit postions and extract profits out of the market.

It allows the trader to continue protecting his capital if the price drops. But, as soon as the price increases, the trailing feature kicks in, allowing for an eventual protection of profit while still reducing the risk to capital. Henceforth, it allows potential for massive ongoing profits. 


Profit Maximization #1 Trailing with 2 Bars High/Low (Worth : $77)


Using the high and low of the last 2 closed bar, stop loss are shifted to these levels trailing price and ensuring profits are locked in.

Note: This strategy can now be adjusted by user to trail according to the high or low of the last N closed bars. N bar will now be specified by the user. The default is 2 bars.


Profit Maximization #2 Average True Range Volatility Stop
(Worth : $77)


Stop loss is maintained at a precise number of pips away from the market. Order is adjusted continually after the closed of every bar so that the distance away from the market is maintained. User is then guaranteed to know the exact minimum profit that this position will gain.


Profit Maximization #3 Moving Average Trailing Stop (Worth : $77)


Using the moving average value of the last closed bar, stop loss is placed at that level securing pips and profits. This level will continually be adjusted after a new bar closed and only in the direction of the trend. 


Profit Maximization #4 Parabolic SAR (Worth : $77)


This indicator places “dots” above or below the bar and this level are great for preset take profit levels. If price ever cross over this dots. Take profit will execute immediately and position exited.


Profit Maximization #5 Equity Trailing Stop (Worth : $77)


User will be able to specify their risk per trade and stop loss can be trailed according to N pips away from market price. (N pips = to risk specified)

Below is an overall idea of how equity trailing stop works:

Note: N Pips is number of pips(=percentage of risk specified) you specify here 

This strategy can now be used with account currency derived in any of the majors. Example USD, GBP, EUR, JPY, CHF

Profit Maximization #6 Channel Trailing Stop (Worth : $77)


Stop loss will be trailed by the high or low of the channel. A 'lookback' period will be specified by the user. If it is a buy trade, stop loss will trail according to the low of the channel. While for a sell trade, stop loss will trail by the high of the channel.

Profit Maximization #7 N Pips Trailing Stop (Worth : $77)


A very simple trailing strategy. It works better than the default trailing strategy found in Metatrader 4 Trading Platform. User will specify the number of pips (call N pips). Stop loss will shift to the level where it is N pips away from the last closed price.

Below is an overall idea of how N Pips Trailing Stop works:

Note: N Pips is equal to number of pips you specify here


Profit Maximization #8 BB Trailing Stop (Worth : $77)


BB stands for Bullish/Bearish Bar trailing stop. Stop loss is shifted according to price action. For a buy order, stop loss will only shift if the last closed bar is a bullish bar. The difference between closed price and open price will be determined. And stop loss will be adjusted with the same amount upwards.

Buy Order

1. last closed bar is a bullish candle
2. Difference between closed price and open price of bullish bar is 30 pip
3. Original stop loss at 1.2900

Action: Stop loss will shift by 30 pips (1.2920) towards market price

Buy Order

1. last closed bar is a bearish candle
2. Difference between closed price and open price of bearish bar is 30 pip
3. Original stop loss at 1.2900

Action: No action will be taken.


Profit Maximization #9 Time Stop (Worth : $77)


Time and date must be specified. If trade is still opened at the specified date and time, trade will close regardless whether if it is in profit or loss. This will allow the trader to exit a trade before news event.


Bonus Strategy  #1 Stop And Reverse

This strategy is made for advanced user. This feature will enter a reverse order trade when your stop loss level is hit. This stop loss level can be your initial stop or subsequent trailed stop loss. ering in the box below as shown in the picture.

The interesting part is this reverse order can be trailed exactly the same way with the 11 trailing strategies. Hence, it works as a complement with our eleven portfolio of trailing strategies.


Visual Display (Included in the 4th Update)


Visual Display is added to enhance the user trading experience. It allows the trader to be able to track the existing trade management strategies being used and its status during trade operations on the chart screen.

A visual display example is shown below:


Auto Catch Feature (Included in the Latest Update)


The Camtasia Studio video content presented here requires JavaScript to be enabled and the latest version of the Adobe Flash Player. If you are using a browser with JavaScript disabled please enable it now. Otherwise, please update your version of the free Adobe Flash Player by downloading here.


ForexTrailer-v40 ( 5th Update )

Now it comes with the new Auto Catch On function, a feature that will automatically start the EA operations when a new order is detected.

You are no longer required to manually enter the order number as seen in the previous versions. Members will now be able to omit the step on entering the order ticket number as the EA can now auto pick up the order ticket number and start its trade management process.

If you are trading with a signal service provider, this auto catch feature will make it even more convenient to use Forex trailer EA along with such services.



What's Customers are Talking With Our Support...




“The Forex Trailer with its Pip Snatching Artificial Intelligence Can Turn a Newbie into a Forex Trading Master in less than 5 minutes  – Guaranteed!”


#1 Forex Trailer Software

Forex Trailer Software Picture

This software requires Metatrader 4 trading platform to operate. It consists of 9 unique exit strategies that tell user exactly when to get out of a trade.

#2 Forex Trailer User Manual

Everything you need to know about setting up Forex Trailer to profit. It is written such that it is extremely easy for user to learn. Allow you to set up Forex Trailer in less than 5 minutes.

Our team has gone so mad that we couldn’t bear to leave you with just Forex Trailer. We want you to experience the whole system as what we have gone through this past year.



A total of 3 bonuses will be given out today if you make that conviction of wanting to be a better trader right now!

To sweeten the pot even further, we will continue to introduce more strategies. And these new strategies and support we are offering to you have yet to factor into the total value of this system.

Please download this system before these fast action are taken off the market.


Bonus #1: Monthly Fee Waived


Normally we would want to charge a fee of $97/month for 3 months but our team is insistent on putting together a special deal for YOU today!

For just a one-time fee of $97, we want you to start trading profitably as you should without any delay!

As soon as our support helpdesk has reached the limit of attending to our members, price will increase as we need to hire more customer service officers to attend to our community.

This Offer Will Be Taken Off Any Time So It Is Crucial That You Order Now.



Bonus #2: Your Treasure Trove Strategy Guide (valued $127)


To live up to our promise to give you the best education you can have from Forex Trailer, we have specially put together for you a guide book on Forex Trailer working principles.

This is a no-nonsense guide book that lets out the entire secret that disciplined traders employ in their trading plan to get the most pips out of their trades. 

It serves its purpose on explaining to you the workings of the various trailing methods so you can utilize them in your trading plan just like a professional trader.


Bonus #3: Premier Support And Update
(valued at $381)


A lifetime update on Forex Trailer provided at no extra charge and no hassle. We are proud to be able to serve you.

We showed you how we improve our line of products since our soft launch and our clients enjoy all these benefits at absolute no cost. Read on...

Who wants to be stuck with the same set of methods and using them over and over again while others are developing newer methods to have an edge over you?

We believe that strategies have to be consistently revised and improved to match with the ever changing market and trader’s style of trading.



As of 14th April 2011, we have updated our EA
Five Times
since March 2010 soft launch
- ForexTrailer-v40.  


We started with 7 trailing strategies and due to great demand, we increased to 11 trailing strategies in version20.

In Version30, we are proud to introduce more parameters to our existing trailing stop strategies so that users of Forex Trailer can adjust and personalized their trades.

Bonus Strategy

We have also added a Stop aNd Reverse (SNR) strategy to our existing trailing stop strategies. This is an entry method use by some of our clients to get them into a reverse trade immediately just when their initial stop loss or trailing stop is hit.

And they will be available to you at absolute-cost-FREE if you download the software today. You may have realized by now that each of these strategies can be made into a brand new expert adviser and sell it as another package but why aren't we doing it ?

If we do this, we aren't doing what best for our clients and we would be like any crooked salesmen out there you will meet in the streets disguised as a forex software vendor.

We believe in giving what's best for you and will continue to stick with this value in any subsequent contacts with you.

Each new strategy is worth $117 (Let's be realistic and not set a high figure here). Total worth: $351 (117 X 3 )


Now in Version 31, we have included a visual display on your chart screen to show your current trade management status on Forex Trailer and how your trade is performing.

Auto Catch On to Order Ticket Number

Now in Version 40, it comes with the new Auto Catch On function, a feature that will automatically start the EA operations when a new order is detected. You are no longer required to manually enter the order number as seen in the last versions. Let your entry systems do the orders and let ForexTrailer do the rest.


Bonus #4: Video Series 1-11
(valued at $57 each X 11 = $627)



11 step-by-step walkthrough video series to the inside secrets of Forex Trailer.

All exposed
right in front of you with just a click!



So What's It Worth For You To Have A Team of Traders Expose The Truth And Finally Hand You Proven Exit Methods Guaranteeing Your Pips in 5 Minutes?



In total, today we are offering Forex Trailer worth $4,202!

You might ask: “Hey Warren! Isn’t the price too steep? I’d rather have this money in my trading account giving me more profits!”

Well you may be right about that but let’s see why we came to that figure…

Forex Trailer has been our fruit of labor that we have been developing with our money and time in it.

For the trading management education alone, we have certainly spent more than $10,000 in course fees total plus another $10,000 in our live trading account trying to get these fundamentals embedded in our brains.

Another $1250 has to be invested to hire programmers to come up with the level of automation and security features found in Forex Trailer.

A total worked out to be more than $4,202!  It is worth way more than what we had valued.

But THANK GOD! You guys do not have to fork out $4,202 to learn the right way. We believe it is certainly worth for us to spend every single dime and effort to learn our mistakes and present you the best with what we have developed today: Forex Trailer. 


Here's a Few Reviews...


"I have to say that this is a an AWESOME tool. Even though I've only been using it on demo accounts. I'm glad I found it. Not only do I profit from my demo trades now. It has given me the confidence to finally pull the trigger and start a live account. Thank you for this piece of software which I will use forever with confidence" 

Cleve  6th June 2010


"ForexTrailer software has become a permanent addition to my forex trading. Before using the Forex Trailer, I tried a different trailing software that did not function as advertised. The Forex Trailer PDF manual is excellent and explains each trailing strategy in-depth. Thanks Warren, for a great piece of software!" 

Tim Wensil  31th May 2013


"Forex Trailer (Silver Addition) Software has been an incredible addition to my forex trading toolbox. Prior to using this software I would be constantly on edge wondering what was happening with my trade progress. With the use of Forex Trailer, the trade is looked after and I can rest easy knowing that trade exit will be well managed and closed in an orderly manner. The software covers both, the move to breakeven, and different trailing stop methods, which are all set up in advance meaning I don't have to check my progress. Warren Thanks for creating such a fantastic product...WOW" 

Geoff Carey  4th June 2013



For you to able to come this far to hear our story, with the utmost persistency and determination to want to do well in trading, we want to reward you.

You have waited long enough, long enough to want to start being a better trader. And we are going to give you something you wouldn’t want to walk away from.

Today, we want to offer to you our exclusive package for:










So there! For only $291 one-time fee, or just $97/month for 3 months, you shall receive all the benefits of Forex Trailer and start your trading success the right way!

We invite you to take action today because for a price you pay today, we believe the information and material you received will improve your trading performance by knowing how to exit trades and we even make it easier with trade automation.

(PS: Read further to reap more, you won’t regret)


Investing $291 today, you will receive $4,202 worth of values.


Forex Trailer will free you to do everything you like, instead of constantly staring at your trading screen. If Forex Trailer can free 4 hours of your time every trading day, that adds up to 20 hours per week (2hr X 5) and  adds up to 1040 hours of your life (52weeks X 20 hr)!

We encourage you to lock in the one time rate today. Should our support capability to meet our members reach the limit, we have no choice but to increase the price to meet the cost of hiring more customers officer to support our forex community.

Can you imagine what you can do with the extra 1040 hours? Spend with your family, hangout with your friends, learn a new skill or simply go on a vacation?

But wait! We on our part will want to make you as comfortable with Forex Trailer as possible and guide you through to make your Forex adventure an educational one. Many of our friends till today asked us why we still want to share and risk our trading performance.


"Yes, we took a big gamble ... that ended up helping MANY people"


We had taken a huge risk revealing our advanced pip snatching algorithm to the public, knowing that our trading performance may be affected, but at the end of the day, our results stayed the same.

Trust me ... I feared this for a long time. Little did our team know the opposite effect would happen. To our surprise, our exclusive community generated ideas and improved our software.

Was I embarrassed? Sort of. Was I happy? I was ecstatic they helped quite a few people quit their jobs and live the trading lifestyle towards financial freedom! It was amazing and here was the great part - some started making more money than their wildest dreams, no exaggeration. We gained valuable friends and allies along the way. This has actually helped our team far more than “hiding our little secrets.”

Creation of the Forex Trailer program wouldn’t have happened without the community and my trading team. We decided to thank the community for their contributions by releasing Forex Trailer to more traders (limited copies available).


 $4,202 Worth of Software And Strategy Guide Are What You Get if You Take Action Now!




Get a License Today and Never Pay a Monthly Fee Ever to Use the System

One-Time Fee US $97 Only


YES! Warren! I want to take advantage of your limited-offer where the Monthly fee will be eliminated forever!


I will join the ranks of the elite 4% of Forex traders who make money while they enjoy life.


  I will possess the key to consistent gains and the tactic to avoid unnecessary losses by obliterating the number one obstacle – “trade discipline…”


I understand that the elimination of the $97.00/monthly is only for those who get in on this promotion TODAY.


I understand that Forex Trailer Package is delivered electronically (digital format) and I will receive them in 5 minutes after payment is made. A direct download link will be provided.


I understand that the e-books and guide books require Adobe Acrobat Reader to run and download details are available in the download page.


I understand that Forex Trailer software requires Metatrader 4 Trading Platform to run and download details will be provided at the download page.


I understand that the vendor support details will be provided so that I can contact vendor for support and technical issues after I downloaded Forex Trailer Package.


I understand that I will apply the materials learnt in Forex Trailer package in my trading business and improve my performance.



You will have a full 60 days to try out the entire Forex Trailer package 100% risk free. This is back by Clickbank Money-Back Guarantee. You have nothing to lose!


Secure your order below!





Best Regards,

Warren Seah Signature

Warren Seah And Forex Trailer Team

P.S Remember, with my "Money Back Guarantee," you have nothing to lose and everything to gain by tapping our experience to work for you risk free! 

P.P.S As soon as you complete your purchase you'll be directed to create your account giving immediate access to the resources you need to be successful in Forex Trading like so many others are already doing every day! 

P.P.P.S After you begin using this, you will understand how forex trades are managed the RISK-FREE way , and you will trust the mechanism. You need to have faith in the industry and understand YOU ARE DOING SOMETHING WRONG if you are not making more money.



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